Welcome to ClimateAP download page

Instructions to download and install ClimateAP

0. If you have already registered and want to get the downloand link again, please send an email to tongli.wang@ubc.ca;

1. Register to the ClimateAP mailing list by filling out the form below;

2. An email will be sent to you to confirm your email address. The email may go to your Spam folder;

3. After your registration, a link for downloading the package will appear under the registration confirmation page and will also be sent to you through email;

4. Download the zip file package;

5. Unzip the files in the package to a folder on a local drive (e.g., "C:\ClimateAP\");

6. Double click on "Climateap_vX.XX.exe" to start the program (Instructions on how to use the program can be found in Help);

7. If an error message appears about "comctrl32.Ocx", run the "libraryfiles.exe" (included in the package), then try to start the program again.

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